Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Standing Committees

Committee Chairs also serve on the Board of Directors

Budget and Administration: Nick Alberti

In consultation with the President, Treasurer, and various Board members, formulates the CHRS budget for the upcoming year that is voted on by the membership. Supports the office systems, including IT.

City Planning: Monte EdwardsMonte Edwards photo

Stays on top of District actions that could affect Capitol Hill, including rail and transportation issues. Testifies before the District Council when necessary.

Community Development: Chuck BurgerChuck_Burger

Maintains relationships with other businesses and civic organizations on the Hill to promote CHRS goals.

Community Relations: Elizabeth Nelson 

Plans and conducts community outreach activities to introduce CHRS and its programs to the broad Capitol Hill community, such as participation in Barracks Row Day, Hilloween, the July 4th Parade, Walk-To-School Day and other events.

Communications: Marci Hilt

Maintains relationships with local media and ensures appropriate coverage of CHRS events.

Committee Members: Libby Quaid, Fynnette Eaton, Angie Schmidt

Environment: Joanna Kendig

Stays current on alternative energy sources and how they can work with historic homes; represents CHRS with other organizations that deal with the environment and education about it; and addresses environmental issues affecting Capitol Hill.

Historic Preservation: Beth Purcell

Educates residents of Capitol Hill about the Historic District and how to maintain their historic homes; gives advice to residents and businesses who request it prior to permit applications; advises the District’s Historic Preservation Office and Review Board on new construction and changes to the exteriors of buildings in the Historic District.

Committee Members:
 Joanna Kendig, Alison Ross, Drury Tallant, Margaret New, and Jim Thackenberry

Special responsibilities include publication of Historic District Guidelines, sponsorship of Preservation Cafés (currently organized by Chris Mullins), and the Call Box Restoration project.

 Historic Preservation Committee Page


House and Garden Tour: Fynnette Eaton (with  Jackie Krieger and Angie Schmidt)

Manages all the activities and volunteers involved in putting on CHRS’s largest fundraising activity: the annual Mother’s Day House and Garden Tour.

Membership: Maygene Daniels

Increases participation in CHRS through membership drives and promoting CHRS at community events. Stewards current members. Plans the quarterly membership meetings (currently organized by Beth Hague).

Public Safety: Undine NashUndineNash

Stays current on safety issues affecting Capitol Hill, and advises the Board on appropriate actions.

Zoning: Nick Alberti

Educates residents of Capitol Hill about zoning issues and sees that DC Zoning regulations are properly applied. Advises the Board of Zoning Adjustments on Capitol Hill requests.

 Zoning Committee Page

Committee Members:  Chuck Burger, Gary Peterson, Jackie Krieger, Linette Kilbourn,  Beth Hague, Fynnette Eaton.

Other Committees and CHRS workers

Public Space: Steve Kehoe

Advises CHRS on matters relating to utilities, streetscape (lighting, signage), alleys, Public Parking (front yards), federal reservations, pocket parks.

Beyond the Boundaries: Beth Purcell

Endowment: John Shages
      Committee Members: Angie Schmidt (President), Nick Alberti (Treasurer), Ray Prince, Elizabeth Nelson, Monte Edwards, Brian O’Grady, and Steve Daniels

Grants: Beth Purcell

Evaluates and makes recommendations on grants that CHRS makes to worthwhile community projects and Swampoodle home owners.

Newsletter Editors: Angie Schmidt and Kelly Vielmo

Facebook: Elizabeth Nelson

Instagram: Libby Quaid

Little League Rep: Angie Schmidt

Webmaster: Elizabeth Nelson, Heather Schoell

Office Manager: Jill Uvena Cullinane