Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Beyond the Boundaries Map

Beyond the Boundaries (BTB) is a CHRS project that provides historical information about the area just outside the Capitol Hill Historic District (CHHD).  The squares on the map below use the scheme set up by the city.  The squares that are included in our project are those delineated by the black boundary line (in contrast to the squares within the CHHD, which are delineated by the red boundary line).  The completed portion of the BTB program is the survey of the individual buildings in each of the survey squares, which resulted in a database of historic building information.   The goal is to make the survey database available to the public by creating a PDF document for each square that includes the historic information on all the buildings in that square.  To use the map below, locate the square number in the survey area that interests you, and then click on the corresponding square number  on the right side to open a .pdf file that contains information on all addresses within that square.  This page is under construction; we are in the process of expanding/improving the map. There is a database that can be searched at the CHRS office.  Contact office staff  for assistance.