Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Historic Building Permits

We have created a spreadsheet of most of the permits on record for Capitol Hlll from 1877 to 1945. It is available as a PDF.

The PDF document is 218 pages, landscape, sorted by Square Number. There is line for each square with information across two pages. The square number is repeated on the second page for clarity. You should be able to print the individual pages.  The PDFs files accessible on this page contain summary of many of the building permits issued to construct buildings during this time period, listed by Square. This project has been funded in part by a U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service Historic Preservation Fund grant administered by the District of Columbia’s Historic Preservation Office.

Note: Address and/or lot numbers may be different now than when the permit was issued.

To find your current lot and square, look on your DC property tax bill, or go to the DC Taxpayer Service Center web site ( and enter your street address.

DC_1846_Squares  Navy-yard

The mapping function of the DC Citizens Atlas can display the footprint of your home (as well as those of your neighbors) on a map and give you the lot and square information and the current assessment. (Be sure to add the “Properties (Zoom In)” layer to the map, then click on the blue dot over the property with the “Identify” option selected.)  Contact the Webmaster at if you have problems

The approximate area covered by Squares 1000–1125 is highlighted on the 1857 map above (Library of Congress). It’s roughly bounded by the Anacostia river on the south and east, 12th Street on the west, and Florida Avenue and C Street on the North.

Table below reads left to right. Click on a Square range to open a PDF file in a new window.


Squares 0668_0744
Squares 804-950
Squares 990S
Squares 1000-1001S
Squares 1004-1005
Squares 1006-1008
Squares 1009-1011
Squares 1012-1015S
Squares 1017-1019S
Squares 1020-1024
Squares 1025-1027S
Squares 1028-1032
Squares 1033-1035N
Squares 1036-1039S
Squares 1040-1044
Squares 1045-1050
Squares 1051-1054
Squares 1055-1060
Squares 1061-1065NE
Squares 1066-1072S
Squares 1073-1078
Squares 1079-1088
Squares 1089-1095
Squares 1096-1108
Squares 1110-1114SE
Squares 1118-1125

You can also download a single PDF containing all of the Squares listed above.Click here to download the PDF containing Squares 1000-1125.

Note: This file is 2.5MB. If you are connected to the internet with a dial-up modem it may take a long time to download the file.

We now have a new, more complete list that includes 758-1082, but it is only available in the Excel Version at this time, Click Here CH House Permits – Excel.

Note: the Dates are truncated (missing the final digit of the year) for dates with more than 5 digits. Contact the Webmaster at if you have problems.