Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Capitol Hill House Histories

The Capitol Hill Restoration Society is in the process of acquiring histories of Capitol Hill houses and interesting facts about Capitol Hill properties.  These documents may be accessed by links contained in the pdf file: Database of Capitol Hill Houses listed here. New addresses will be added to the list as warranted. Recent additions to the database are listed here, with links.

If you have an electronic copy of a house history please submit it to the webmasters at

If you have a paper copy please contact Deborah Bell via e-mail ( or phone: 202.744.8700

Photos of houses in selected squares:

Free searches of house histories through the Washington Post.

The Database Of Capitol Hill Permits also may be accessed here as an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet is divided between Northeast addresses and Southeast addresses and then sorted by street and address. Note that Streets 10 and above sort before 2nd Street. The spreadsheet may be downloaded and sorted.