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Removing Permastone – 1017 C St. SE

Posted on November 16th, 2021

You may have noticed the work underway at 1017 C St. SE and wondered “what’s up”… The owners are restoring the facade, removing the Permastone that was installed in 1956. Learn more at a virtual Preservation Cafe, Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Removing Permastone at 1017 C St. SE

Below is a photo-essay as posted in the front yard. This home is included in “What I Love About My House” a collection of videos associated with the 2020 Stay at Home (virtual) House Tour.  The owner gives a narrated tour of the kitchen, a space formerly occupied by the beauty shop and addresses the Permastone facade.

1914 Show window added by owner A. Dugelman (house built circa 1875)

1918 Zagami family runs a shoe repair shop on the ground floor.

1938 Zagamis build a one-floor addition for the shop, regain living space, remove show window. 1954 Coleman family runs a beauty salon and adds a second story over the shop. 1956 Permastone and porch added. A second generation of Colemans run shop until 2001.

Permastone advertisement

1956 Permastone installation

2021 Immediately prior to Permastone removal