Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Zoning Protections for Solar

Posted on May 22nd, 2023

The following zoning regulations protect solar installations from development that would interfere with their operation.
11 DCMR Subtitle E, Chapter 2

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Zoning Rewrite

Posted on June 2nd, 2014

CHRS Final Comments on 08-06A, Zoning Rewrite (09/25/2015)

Response from Zoning Commission (12/15/2014)

CHRS Comments to Zoning Commission regarding Zoning Rewrite (11/03 & 04/2014)

Zoning Rewrite Transcript – CHRS testimony begins on page 25

Proposed Zoning Regulations Text from Z.C. website (09/10/2013), Case No. 08-06

Subtitle A Authority and Applicability
Subtitle B Definitions
Subtitle C General Rules
Subtitle D Residential House (R) Zones
Subtitle E Residential Flat (RF) Zones
Subtitle F Apartment (A) Zones
Subtitle G Mixed Use (M) Zones
Subtitle H Neighborhood Mixed Use (N) Zones
Subtitle I Downtown Zones
Subtitle J Production, Distribution and Repair (P) Zones
Subtitle K Special Purpose Zones
Subtitle W Mapping
Subtitle X General Procedures
Subtitle Y Board of Zoning Adjustment Rules of Practice and Procedure
Subtitle Z Zoning Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure