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1229 E Street SE – “Shotgun House”

Posted on October 17th, 2014

We believe that the owner of the shotgun house at 1229 E Street, SE  has engaged in demolition by neglect by failing to maintain the building, and as a result, has blighted the surrounding neighborhood for a number of years.  Neighbors on E Street have contacted CHRS expressing concern about the condition of the building.

Most recent testimony to HPRB:

We urge the HPRB to find that applicant has engaged in demolition by neglect with respect to the building at 1229 E Street, SE.

We urge the HPRB to affirm that the building at 1229 E Street, SE contributes to the character of the Capitol Hill Historic District, that the building retains its historic integrity, and that the HPRB recommend to the Mayor’s Agent that the application for a raze permit be denied because it is inconsistent with the purposes of the Act.

Complete Testimony (09-18-14)

In June 2014 CHRS urged the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) to solve this problem one of three ways:

(1)   The HPRB should  recommend denying the permit to demolish the building and require the owner to promptly stabilize and restore the building.

(2)  Or,  if the HPRB determines that the building has lost its structural integrity, any raze permit should be conditioned on promptly reconstructing the building.

(3)  A far less desirable option than either (1) or (2) above, is that any demolition permit should be conditioned on a project of special merit.

1229 E Street StE Drawings

1229 E Street SE EHT Traceries Report

CHRS testimony re: 1229 E Street SE (06-2014)