Capitol Hill Restoration Society

2019 Photo Contest Winners

Posted on March 20th, 2019

In anticipation of the 62nd anniversary of the Capitol Hill House and Garden Tour, the Society sponsored a photo contest – “The Capitol Hill Home”. We are pleased to announce the winners:  View photos…

Winner: Christine Romero, Rainbow, 1500 Block E St. SE

2nd: Ben Schaibly, 224 12th St. SE – his garden is on the Tour

The submissions ranged from elegant to quirky, many taken from unusual angles or of hidden views.  All four seasons were well documented and one quick-witted photographer snared a full rainbow. We even received a shot of the antithesis of the Capitol Hill ideal (at bottom).

Congratulations also to the 2018 winners and 2017 winners

3rd Place: Allison Atherton, Iron Stoop, 310 South Carolina Ave. SE

4th: Patrick Crowley, 21 7th St. SE, Brickwork!

5th Place: Robert Weinstein, 810 A St. SE, I Have a Plan

Don & Laura Whittaker, 822 D St. NE

Kim Hoagland, 508 East Capitol St. NE, Oriel

Rindy O’Brien, 200 11th St. SE

Peter Robinson, 154 11th St. SE – his garden will be on the Tour

Stephanie Butto, 319 East Capitol St. SE


Robert Weinstein, 10th St. SE

Patrick Crowley, 232 7th St. NE, Pilloried!

Robert Weinstein, 810 A St. SE

Patrick Crowley, 630 E St. NE, Benched!

Eric Battino, 1251 F St. NE, the antithesis of the Capitol Hill home – torn down in 2015, it is still vacant