2021 Mother’s Day “Tour of Tours”

Posted on January 23rd, 2021 by Elizabeth Nelson

We’re planning a veritable smorgasbord of fascinating, outdoor walking tours for Mother’s Day weekend, May 8-9. We hope to have something of interest for every member of the Capitol Hill community. 

We’ve chosen the following themes:

  • Hollywood on the Hill (filming locations and early movie projection sites), 
  • Resistance (sites significant to civil rights for women, minorities and the LGBTQ+ community), 
  • Our Industrial Past (industrial and commercial sites, many of which have been repurposed)
  • Parks – Treasures of Capitol Hill (the history of Marion and Garfield Parks and their surrounding neighborhood),
  • Whimsy of Capitol Hill (search for amusing yard ornaments – a guided version, with fresh images, of the scavenger hunt posted on our website last year), 
  • Notable People of Capitol Hill (sites associated with many of the historically significant people who have made Capitol Hill their home),
  • Community Evolution near Logan School (focusing on the neighborhood east of Union Station, a look at how the city and citizens turned once-unbuildable land into a welcoming neighborhood.)

We’re also organizing an “Artists at Home” gallery, inviting local artists to display their work on their porches or in a tented front yard. If you’d like to show your work, please let us know. Not sure or have questions? Shoot us an email. And please pass this on to other artists. This is definitely a case of “the more the merrier.”

The Tour Committee {Beth Purcell, Betsy Rutkowski, Carey Paquette, Elizabeth Nelson, Fynnette Eaton, Heather Schoell, Jackie Krieger, Joanna Kendig, Nancy Metzger, Mike Canning) is off to a good start with the planning but the execution will require many more volunteers. To make the experience safe and enjoyable, we’ll be limiting the number of people on each of the tours, which means we will need to offer many different tours, and run each tour multiple times. This will require a lot of docents on tour weekend. We’ll also need volunteers to assist with advance publicity, preparing materials, and other tasks “to be determined.” 

Plan now to join the fun of producing this “Tour of Tours”; send a note to HouseTourCHRS@gmail.com!