Capitol Hill Restoration Society

2023 – Photo Contest Winners

Posted on March 20th, 2023

In anticipation of the 66th anniversary of the Capitol Hill House and Garden Tour, the Society sponsored a photo contest – “The Capitol Hill Home”. We are pleased to announce the winners:  Congratulations to Nan Raphael and Bobbi Krengel. View photos…

Nan Raphael, Lincoln Park – First Place

Many thanks to all the artists who submitted their work! In images (and words) they convey their unique and personal views of what makes a home a “Capitol Hill Home”.

Bobbi Krengel, Unit Block, 7th St. NE – Second Place

Honorable Mentions:

Tanya Sharma, 300 Block 10th St. SE

Backyard Blessings

Nolan Kuenster, 664 Independence Ave. SE

House of Misrepresentatives (sign near door)

Jake Glatch, 136 North Carolina Ave SE

The photo of my front yard was taken last winter from my second story bedroom window.

Best Caption:

Patrick Serfass, 1126 I St. SE

We use Bloom on our lawn which is made at DC Water in their biogas system from all our and your ground up food waste in your garbage disposal and the digested food waste we flush down our toilets. 🙂

The Best of the Rest:

Stephanie Butto, 1118 East Capitol St. NE

Corinthian Gardens

Nan Raphael, 233 Kentucky Ave. SE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion, 202 F St. NE

I like how this small front yard space works so well and its patriotic color scheme. Many Capitol Hill homes like to feature US flags and/or their alma mater. This does both, with chic panache.

Stephanie Cavanaugh, 242 Kentucky Ave. SE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion, 200 Block 3rd St. NE

Small details in rooflines help express some of the individuality of the Capitol Hill rowhouse.

Abdul & Riley Sever, 223 5th St. SE

Rindy O’Brien, 901 East Capitol St. SE

Capitol Hill home/business, supporting the freedom efforts in Ukraine. A global salute from the hill community.

Dave Opkins, 542 14th St. SE

Emily Smith, 663 South Carolina Ave. SE

Capitol Hill homes blooming in the Spring!

Deneque Lee, 219-221 9th St. NE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion, 417 3rd St. NE

Two non-identical neighboring houses   set a similar tone with striped awnings, creating a “sisterly” vibe while maintaining their individuality.

Nan Raphael, 513 East Capitol St. SE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion, 400 Block 3rd St. NE

I tried to capture the colorful palette of rowhouses, patriotic support and proud display of flags. Capitol Hill is home to people with strong attachments who also express their individuality.

Robert Decker, 213 4th St. SE

Nolan Kuenster, 643 East Capitol St. SE

Color Palettes of East Capitol

Emily Smith, 804 East Capitol St. NE

Lush gardens and entryways make a Capitol Hill home!

Andrea Witkowy

Anna Kompanek, 1000 South Carolina Ave. SE

Chelsea Velic, 401-413 E St. NE

Bobbi Krengel, 24 7th St. NE

Andrea Wiktowy

Emily Smith, 710 A St. SE

A Capitol Hill home is a patriotic front door.

Navya Shah, 103 7th St. SE

Capitol Hill is in Bloom

Joe Brown, 1206 East Capitol St. NE

1206 East Capitol Street NE – Through a tree in Lincoln Park

Gary Mintz, 822 East Capitol St. NE

Upper Left: When 822 East Capitol Street NE was still a bank; Upper Right: When I purchased the building in the summer of 1993. It had been on the market for several years; Bottom Left: Just after the conversion and after the garden installation — circa 1995; Bottom Right: A recent photograph with the matured garden — pre pandemic