Capitol Hill Restoration Society

2024- Photo Contest Winners

Posted on March 24th, 2024

In anticipation of the 67th anniversary of the Capitol Hill House and Garden Tour, the Society sponsored a photo contest – “The Capitol Hill Home”. We are pleased to announce the winners:  Congratulations to Robert Henry (1st), Jon Golinger and Matt Jex (tied for 2nd/3rd). View photos…

Many thanks to all the artists who submitted their work! In images (and words) they convey their unique and personal views of what makes a home a “Capitol Hill Home”.


Robert Henry – Alley between Duncan Pl. and D St. NE

!st Place

Jon Golinger – 913 East Capitol St. SE

2nd/3rd Place (tied)
“In my first 6 months living here, I’ve found Capitol Hill to be a place where we can be all be cozy inside our homes, while also connected together in a shared community.  This home encourages that by offering a lovely book exchange.  A couple came and visited it right after I took this photo.”

Matt Jex – 329 East Capitol St. SE

2nd/3rd Place (tied)

Other Favorites:

Marilyn Saks-McMillion – 200 Block F St. NE

Honorable Mention

“Homes on Capitol Hill are watched over by an abundance of mature shade trees. This is a maple with beautiful golden leaves framing several rowhouses.”

Ragnar Thoresen – 700 Block Constitution Ave. NE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion – 803 East Capitol St. SE

“Many Capitol Hill homes take pride in their Little Free Library boxes. This one is built like a house, with the owners house highlighted behind it.  It also reflects the neighboring houses across the street.”

Patrick Serfass – 410 5th St. NE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion – 500 Block Constitution Ave. NE

“The line of repeating X-shaped second story balconies is an unusual feature that caught my eye.”

Bobbi Krengel – Unit Block 7th St. NE

Not Homes but….

Craig Foucht – Lincoln Park

Nan Raphael – Eastern Market

“I included EasternMarket to honor its 150th anniversary as the center of Capitol Hill life.”

Julia Davis – US Capitol

The Best of the Rest:

Barbara Johnson – 1000 North Carolina Ave. SE

Jeanne Crump – 1127-1129 G St. NE

“I think this photo captures all the great elements of Capitol Hill and the homes in it: unique, interesting and historical. This house has maintained historical elements, with nods to the colonial era, and although different from a lot of the colorful row homes, I think it shows how diverse the home styles are and why the area is so charming.”

Michael Fritz – 2nd St. SE, adjacent Providence Park

Matt Jex – 612 North Carolina Ave. SE

Virgil D. Miedema – 506 3rd St. SE (rear)

Nan Raphael – SW corner Kentucky Ave. & East Capitol St. SE

Barbara Johnson – 9th & A Sts. SE

Michael Modiste – 225 E St. SE

“Capitol Hill homes can be just as beautiful from the rear as from the front.”

Amy Fisher – 312 10th St. SE

Craig Foucht – 155 on 11th St. NE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion – 223 F St. NE

“This handmade winter wreath is made of white pampas grass and red berries on a black door. The double windows in the door also reflect the bare branches in the tree box.”

Hannah Wasserman – East Capitol St.

Joe Brown – 628 South Carolina Ave. SE

Marilyn Saks-McMillion – 413 5th St. NE

The Flamingo House always seems ready to celebrate year-round. This Valentine’s Day display highlights its pink color with vibrant pink flamingos, red white and pink paper lanterns, pink flowers and pink wrapped around the staircase, and even has a floral archway with a bright pink X and a sign to  emcourage passers-by to “Take a Selfie”.

Barbara Johnson 200 block 10th St. SE

Bobbi Krengel 24 7th St. NE

Matt Jex – 323 East Capitol St. SE

Bobbi Krengel – 700 Block A St. NE

Matt Jex

Amy Fisher – 427 13th St. NE

Cleverest caption: “Dresden on the Potomac”

Marilyn Saks-McMillion – 650 East Capitol St. NE

Michelle Honey – 932 North Carolina Ave SE

Joe Brown 628 South Carolina Ave. SE