SE Alleys Walking Tour – April 2023

Posted on January 13th, 2023 by Elizabeth Nelson

Modern alley dwellings on Duvall Ct. SE

Capitol Hill has many hidden alleys and charming one-block streets with a past mix of residential and industrial uses and some of our most diverse populations.  Explore these unique communities, their houses and history, their ups and downs, who lived there in the past and who lives there now. Gessford Ct., Walter St., Kings Ct., Duvall Ct., Cluss Ct. Take a virtual peek inside Undine & Carl Nash’s re-purposed-warehouse residence on Adolf Class Ct. SE. Or read this article on Urban Turf.
Plan on walking about 2 miles in a little over 2 hours. Be prepared to walk in any weather; a raincoat or umbrella may be necessary. Comfortable shoes are a must.

Tickets are SOLD OUT.
Tour Time:
Saturday, April 1, 1:30 pm.

Starting location is 233 12th St. SE – Please arrive 10 minutes before tour time.

29 Kings Ct. SE

View of Gessford Ct.SE