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Ask the Hill Historian

Posted on May 5th, 2019

Beginning with the September 2018 issue of the Hill Rag, CHRS Communications Chair, Nina Tristani, will write a column answering readers’ questions about the history of Capitol Hill buildings and other landmarks.  Look for it near the “Changing Hands” Real Estate section. To propose a topic, contact Nina at

Nina and her partner Michelle Carroll are the N & M History Detectives.

Marion Park, Hill Rag 06-2019

Stanton Park, Hill Rag 05-2019

2019 House & Garden Tour, Hill Rag 05-2019

The 1-D1 Substation, Hill Rag 01-2019

Naval Lodge Number 4, Hill Rag 12-2018

The EasternMarket, Hill Rag 11-2018

N & M House Detectives Nina Tristani & Michelle Carroll