Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Call to Members for Greater Capitol Hill History Information

Posted on October 20th, 2011

CHRS has contracted with EHT Traceries for preparation of a context study of greater Capitol Hill*– the areas just outside the Capitol Hill Historic District. The context study is a companion to the individual building survey completed last year. It will analyze all the existing historic information, including the database and research findings from the recent study, together with additional new research as needed, to create the complete development story for greater Capitol Hill.

The end product will be a “…statement context and background history, with a defined theme, geographic parameters, and temporal limits. The study will develop a theme or area(s) of significance, determining if the significance is local/state and/or national, and identify the associated property types. It is anticipated this historic context study will serve as the necessary documentation for a National Register nomination, if desired in the future. Recommendations will attempt to define the applicable National Register Criteria and identify boundaries for expanding the existing Capitol Hill Historic District and/or creating additional historic district(s). An annotated bibliography will be prepared. The study will include images such as maps, historic images, and current pictures as necessary.”

If you either live in greater Capitol Hill, or just have historic information about it, please contribute your historic photos, articles, or stories to the study to help ensure that we have the most comprehensive document possible.

You can send information electronically to:, or mail or drop off hard copies to our office at: 420 10th Street, S.E. (basement) until December 31st. (You can call the office manager at 543-0425 for drop off arrangements.)

*The study boundaries are approximately H Street/Benning Road to the north; SE/SW Freeway to the south; 2nd Street, N.E. to the west, and 19th Street and the Anacostia River to the east.