Capitol Hill Restoration Society

CHRS urges Marines to build new barracks on federally-owned land

Posted on May 17th, 2015

CHRS comments to MBW EIS Project Manager on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Section 106 Review for Multiple Projects in Support of Marine Barracks, Washington


Our comments relate primarily to the alternatives for replacing Building 20 at 8th and I Streets, SE. If Site A or Site B were selected for the new BEQ, 100 percent of Site A and Site B would be occupied by the new BEQ, with AT/FP pedestrian standoff extending out 33 feet, and AT/FP vehicular standoff at 66 feet, to the outer edge of each site. DEIS Figure 2.4.1, Figure 2.4.3. As a result, all buildings on Site A and Site B would be demolished, to be replaced by a massive five-story building and standoff at Site A, or by a nine-story building and standoff at Site B. In addition to the loss of historic buildings, all of the current and potential businesses at Site A, which serve Marines, Washington Navy Yard (WNY) workers and the community, would be lost, replaced by a dead zone. At Site B, a new multi-function facility for the Washington Humane Society would be lost, replaced by dead zone. For these reasons we strongly urge that neither Site A nor Site B be selected for the new BEQ. As discussed below, there are significant disadvantages to Site C, and for these reasons we urge the Marine Corps to select either of the federally-owned Sites D or E for the new BEQ. Full text of letter to Catherine Childs May 2015