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DDOT Planning on the Hill – Community Forum

Posted on December 4th, 2020

Wednesday, December 16, 2020, two District Department of Transportation (DDOT) planning officials discussed the planning and environmental process on Capitol Hill, with a focus on  the DDOT’s planning and implementation of its transportation corridor revitalization projects on Pennsylvania  and Maryland Avenue. Handouts available for those who missed the presentation.

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George Branyan, Active Transportation Branch Manager in DDOT’s Planning and Sustainability Division, discussed his experiences with the planning and implementation of the overhaul of Pennsylvania Ave. SE, to include various modes of transportation, and also the initial phases of the Maryland Ave. NE transportation corridor project.

Abdullahi Mohamed, Supervisor Civil Engineer in DDOT’s Infrastructure Project Management Division, provided updates on the Maryland Ave. project.

They addressed the following factors: how the planning process was initiated; how the community/neighborhood was involved; and historic/preservation factors that were considered.  The speakers also outlined whom they worked with at the Office of Planning and how they factored in the different transportation needs (pedestrians, bikes, and buses included).

A brief Membership Meeting directly preceded the talk.

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