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Posted on April 21st, 2015

DDOT issued Departmental Order No. 1-2014, April 30, 2014 in response to concerns raised by CHRS and others specifically about Reservation 266, but the Policy applies to all pocket parks under DDOT control.  DDOT has since proposed Regulations that would implement this policy. Comments due May 2, 2015.The current version reflects input received during a prior comment period. Comments are accepted at

The Open Space Preservation and Enhancement policy revises the official position, drawing a distinction between “public parking” and public parks.  Section C, entitled “Permit Applications for Private Improvements to Triangle and Pocket Parks,” states that DDOT shall preserve triangle parks and public parks as “publicly accessible neighborhood amenities.”  An application for a permit to improve a park must satisfy several requirements, including preserving public access to the park, promoting the public use and enjoyment of the park, and avoiding changing the real or implied function of the park as pubic open space.  All applications are to be sent to the applicable ANC, whose recommendations shall be given great weight.

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