Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Historic Masonry & Cement/Concrete Seminar

Posted on November 21st, 2017

Come learn about your historic home’s masonry and cement/concrete structure with Gary Barnhart, Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 11 am- noon at Jenks & Son Hardware, 910 Bladensburg Rd.

This free community event is led by GL Barnhart Construction, a licensed and certified masonry and roofing contractor based in Washington, DC and focused on quality construction.  This event is hosted by W.S. Jenks & Sons “Washington’s Oldest Hardware Store”, purveyor of fine hardware, tools, and machinery since 1866.

The vast majority of the homes and buildings in our nation’s capitol were built over 100 years ago from historic masonry.  The mortar of our brick buildings is in most cases well beyond it’s useful life, and as the brick and stone facades have aged the historic mortar has deteriorated significantly.  These masonry and brick walls can be maintained and repaired.  In most cases brick tuckpointing is required.  However, the majority of masons in the US work on new construction only and do not understand the critical differences in historic masonry restoration.   Learn what makes tuckpointing right from wrong and learn about  how our historic buildings were built.

This class has a limited number of spots and so prior registration is required:…

This class will show examples and discuss some of the most common issues with old DC masonry construction, including:

  • Deteriorated mortar joints and proper historically accurate repair
  • How to avoid problems associated with modern materials
  • How to mix and apply mortar to masonry
  • The different type of brick construction including the various type of structural masonry elements within a typical row home
  • Structural elements such as load path and masonry spans at door and window openings, proper tools and correct use
  • The anatomy of a masonry wall and more.

This event is supported by community partners such as the Community Forklift and Capitol Hill Restoration Society.

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