Capitol Hill Restoration Society

House and Garden Tour Community Grants Awards

Since 2000, CHRS has donated 20 percent of net House Tour proceeds each year to worthwhile projects of Capitol Hill organizations. The CHRS Board has established criteria for grant awards and a committee reviews annual grant applications. Grant applications are due around Labor Day each year; awards are usually made in October.

Community Grants Awards (also known as the Beall Bequest Grants in honor of former CHRS President and community activist Austin Beall) of varying sizes have been made every year since the Board first approved the concept in February, 2000. Grants have been awarded for these projects, among many others:

  • To collect oral histories in a local neighborhood
  • To expand a local playing field
  • To restore ironwork at a small triangle park
  • To fund an anti-littering video produced in part by children residing in local low-income housing, as well as many others

[NOTE: the grant program has been temporarily suspended because the funds are being utilized to support the “Beyond the Boundaries” program which is developing data about structures adjacent to but outside the boundaries of the Capitol Hill Historic District.]