Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Meet Our Arborists – Preservation Cafe

Posted on October 8th, 2021

Ward 6 Arborists, Steve McKindley-Ward and Alex Grieve were the featured speakers, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 6:30 pm.

Do you want to plant a tree in your yard or file a tree request with DDoT? What should you look for when choosing a tree? How much water will your new tree need? How can you tell if a tree is struggling (and what to do about it)? What regulations govern the care of trees in public space? And what can you do to protect this important resource?

Alex Grieve and Steve McKindley-Ward present at 2019 Cafe

In this virtual presentation, Steve McKindley-Ward and Alex Grieve, Ward 6 Arborists from the Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) in DDoT, will offer general tree advice and share their ideas and experiences taking care of the trees in our living, growing Capitol Hill canopy.

Have questions of you own? Submit them in advance so Steve and Alex can have answers ready during the presentation. Access a  survey form here or email with “Questions for Arborists” in the subject line.

Our area has many layers of foliage: it is home to stately trees on the U.S. Capitol grounds, the Library of Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, our local parks (Folger, Garfield, Lincoln, Marion, and Stanton), myriad large and small pocket parks, and the many trees that grace our homes and streets.

Caregivers include the Architect of the Capitol, the National Park Service, the UFA, Trees for Capitol Hill, our public and private schools, houses of worship, businesses, home and apartment owners, and a cadre of neighborhood volunteers who plant trees and carry buckets of water to refresh our trees during our long, hot summers. Learn about the history of our tree canopy and what you can do to help keep our streets green, shady, and healthy!

Alex Grieve surveying canopy at Eastern HS