Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Among Our Many Successes

Historic District Designation – Led the charge to have capitol hill designated as an historic district

Eastern Market – Protected the viability of Eastern Market; currently providing guidance on plans to redevelop the area and restore the market

Residential Parking Permits – Fought all the way to the United states supreme court to obtain residential permit parking

Expansion of Capitol Grounds – Fought congressional action to turn back numerous efforts to expand and encroach upon capitol hill, including saving historic st. Mark’s church

Ward 6 Development Plan – helped fund a specific plan for Ward 6 that provides objectives and action plans for economic development, housing, environmental protection, transportation, public facilities, urban design, preservation, human services, and land use

Lincoln Park and Philadelphia Row – supported efforts to save Lincoln Park, Philadelphia row, and 11th street properties from plans to create a freeway through capitol hill

House & Garden Tour and Community Grants Awards – since 1957, chrshas organized our annual tour of homes, gardens and other structures on capitol hill. Part of the proceeds are given to support worthwhile projects of capitol hill organizations