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This Mother’s Day, Return to Barracks Row!HThiddenGarden1pc2016

Saturday May 7 from four to seven p.m.
Sunday May 8 from twelve until five p.m.

The Capitol Hill Restoration Society’s annual House & Garden Tour is one of the Grand Dames of the Capitol Hill social calendar. Every year for 59 years our friends have opened the best homes and gardens of Capitol Hill to satisfy the curiosity of their neighbors. So this Mother’s Day, don’t ruin her diet with chocolates or aggravate her hay fever with flowers; treat her to a stroll through the hidden gardens of Capitol Hill.

HThiddenGarden2pc2016And this year there are some great hidden gardens. Sid Neely and Steve Merrill have surprisingly large open spaces behind their respective homes. French doors invite you to out to wide flag-stoned patios ringed with well-maintained beds of perennials and annuals. Katie Jane Teel has a less manicured space out back that feels a more natural setting, welcoming all manner of flying things.  All three of these gardens lie behind old, old wood-slatted homes that date back to the early days of the city. Think early 1800. Another hidden delight lies completely out of sight, four floors above Barrack’s Row – a tiered deck of grasses and flowers at the home of Barbara Charles.

In addition to the usual grand homes and elaborate gardens, this year’s tour will feature something special for “tiny house” aficionados: Archibald Walk is on the tour, one of the few remaining clusters of alley-dwellings. Several residents of this delightful mini village are offering you a rare opportunity to peek into their world of efficient living and shared outdoor spaces.

This wonderful Mother’s Day weekend treat comes early this year; don’t let it sneak up on you. The $40 tickets are just $35 if bought prior to the tour weekend.

Confirmed houses and other tour stops:

  • 518 Archibald Walk SE

    Detail of an artist's studio on Archibald Walk

    Detail of an artist’s studio on Archibald Walk

  • 520 Archibald Walk SE
  • 647 Archibald Walk SE
  • 512 F Street Terrace SE
  • 514 F Street Terrace SE
  • 1002 D Street SE
  • 1001 C Street SE
  • 635 E Street SE
  • 619 G Street SE
  • 810 G Street SE
  • 816 G Street SE
  • 731 8th Street SE
  • 8th Street Fire Station
  • Kim’s Garden, 8th Street & North Carolina Avenue SE
  • Refreshments at HillCenter, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
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