Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Photo Contest – The Capitol Hill Home

Posted on March 21st, 2018

And the winner is…..

The Capitol Hill Restoration Society is delighted to announce the winners of the photo contest celebrating the 61st Anniversary of our Mothers Day House and Garden Tour. We challenged members, friends and neighbors to show us, with an exterior shot, what they think “makes a home a Capitol Hill Home”. The submissions were diverse and highly personal and included close-ups of architectural features, grand entrances and staircases, garden oases and homes that are remarkable for the love of their inhabitants. I could certainly identify with Katie Telligman (a runnerup) who sent this note with her entry. “Not all Capitol Hill homes are grand, as you know. However, they all have a unique character and interesting stories.… When we were looking for a house, a front porch was a must for us…we adore sitting out there, talking to neighbors, and watching the world go by.“

In the end, we couldn’t settle on just one winner –  we chose three, each of whom will receive a pair of tickets to the upcoming Tour, May 12 & 13. They are:

First Place:  Twins  – Maria Helena Carey is charmed by the architectural repetition of twins and triplets and believes that this “mirroring” —while still maintaining individuality – is what gives a home a special Capitol Hill feel. One of her favorite pairings is 212 and 214 4th St. NE.

Second Place:  616 C Street NE  – This striking image by Kym Kamra captures the drama of a Capitol Hill evening in mid-winter.

Third Place:  Brick and Sun –Robert Weinstein chose to highlight the textured brickwork that adds delight to so many Capitol Hill homes. This shot was taken at 7 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

Honorable Mentions:

Reflections by Maygene Daniels

500 Independence Avenue by Jennifer Brooker

These and other images taken by the “runners up” (Melissa Ashabranner, Jennifer Flather, Rindy O’Brien, Katie Telligman,  and Liz Wood) are available at Photos of 2018 photo contest winners.
Many thanks to the Hill Rag for co-sponsoring the competition. And many, many thanks to each and every person who submitted an entry; it has been a great pleasure to view them all.