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Prehistory of Climate Change – Village Voices

Posted on May 2nd, 2019

Village Voices: “The Prehistory of Climate Change, MondayJune 10, 2019, 7-8 pm at the Northeast Neighborhood Library, 330 Seventh Street NE.

Where do the stories we tell about the weather come from? While the weather is notoriously changeable, human responses to it across time reveal some surprising consist-encies, as each era struggles to respond to the durable dilemma of being subject to forces beyond human control. Long before the advent of global warming accelerated by industrialization, humans imagined their own actions to be causally related to weather events. On Monday, June 10, 7 pm, Dr. Kellie Robertson will explore medieval and early modern stories about the weather in literature in order to compare them to the stories that we tell today.

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