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Restoring Windows – Preservation Cafe

Posted on October 21st, 2018

Neil Mozer, owner of Mozer Works,Inc., shared his passion and expertise for old windows at a Preservation Cafe, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.  Video of window restoration process Mr. Mozer, who has been a carpenter/builder for more than 25 years, explained why old windows are important and just what it takes to do a professional restoration. Studies have proven that a properly sealed older window plus a good storm window is of equal energy efficiency to a new, high-end replacement window. Because old windows were made from slow-growth trees, rather than the fast-growth used in modern windows, the old windows stand up to the elements much better.  “A restored 100 year old window will last another 100 years, so it’s worth the investment” according to Mozer. Also, restored old windows preserve the architectural character of the building.


Neil Mozer presents at the 11-14-2018 Preservation Cafe

Mozer Windows & Doors (at 2018 House Expo)

No need to discard it – this window can be repaired!