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RFK Future – FOKP Website

Posted on September 7th, 2023

Friends of Kingman Park (FOKP) has launched a survey and website on RFK’s future: Please take the survey to register your thoughts on the future of the site.In June 2023, the Friends of Kingman Park (FOKP) civic association met to discuss how to survey their neighbors about the future plans for the RFK stadium site, to ensure that local residents’ voices were heard as the District considered the future of the site. FOKP created the RFK Future community group to survey residents of Kingman Park and the surrounding neighborhoods to better understand community priorities and to craft a vision for the new site that took into consideration what the residents of the areas surrounding the former stadium would like to see.

FOKP launched the RFK Future website:
(1) The website includes information about the survey
(2) In 1993 Jack Kent Cooke proposed a new NFL stadium on the RFK campus, and an environmental impact statement (EIS)was prepared. The website includes the EIS’s executive summary.
(3) For additional information, visit the website.