Capitol Hill Restoration Society

Thank You, Beyond the Boundaries Volunteers

Posted on April 1st, 2011

by Donna Hanousek

CHRS would like to thank the volunteers who have submitted their survey forms and/or photos as part of the effort to survey northeast and southeast of the Capitol Hill Historic District. Just in case you haven’t heard, CHRS is working with the ANCs 6A and 6B to survey the buildings outside the Capitol Hill Historic District. Architectural historians from the firm Traceries will undertake the archival survey work (like assembling building permits) and will create an informational database on the buildings. We’ve had volunteers performing the on-site survey work, which provides detailed descriptions of each building, along with a photograph.

Thanks to all of our dedicated survey and photography volunteers— Larry Janezich, Bryan Cassidy, Jeff Davis, Pat Taylor, Mark Williams, Sam Manivong, Elizabeth Nelson, David Holmes, and Gary Peterson—who have met the requested March deadline. We also give special thanks to a trio of talented architectural historians from the Trust for Architectural Easements—Heather Massler, Cathy Sellers, and Jennifer Brennan—who provided both volunteer survey and photographic assistance to our effort. For those of you have not yet turned in your assignments—we hope to be thanking you next month!