Capitol Hill Restoration Society

High-Kelvin LED Streetlights

Posted on April 1st, 2017

DDOT is proposing to install blue-white LEDs in streetlights, which many believe to be harsh or even harmful, and has already begun installing these LEDs.  CHRS Testimony before City Council 5/4/2017Historically, Washington’s street lights have been a warm white color. A brief  History of street lights in Washington DC has been prepared by Beth Purcell.

DDOT has just released a detailed map showing the location of every (light emitting diode) LED street light installed in the District of Columbia, including their correlated color temperatures: 4000 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin LEDs.   There are many 4000 and 5000 K streetlights on Capitol Hill.

The American Medical Association has  recommended that all LED roadway lighting be 3000 Kelvin or lower to mitigate hazardous glare and potential harm to human health caused by blue-rich light (4000 Kelvin and higher).