Capitol Hill Restoration Society

SE Boulevard Neighborhood Planning Study

Posted on July 30th, 2014

Monday 4 August, 2014, 7 p.m.  Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Sousa Hall, 2nd Floor

The following was provided by Kirsten Oldenburg, ANC 6B04:

Office of Planning will make a presentation on the preliminary outcomes of the study to date, which include seven thought provoking ways to use the swath of land between Barney Circle and 11th Street SE for a road and other neighborhood enhancements.  The purpose of the meeting, however, is not to pick a subset among the 7 but rather to gather a list of the important components for this area.  While Barney Circle’s redesign has not been a focus of this current effort, we hope to gather some fresh ideas about what it could be, as well.

The neighborhood planning study came about from reactions to DDOT plans for a 4-lane limited access boulevard presented at the Barney Circle/SE Boulevard Transportation Planning Study public meeting in November 2013.  Once the OP neighborhood study is completed (September 2014), the DDOT transportation study will resume, informed by the conclusions of the OP study.